From the desk of the Chairman

All human beings develop their own knowledge of things, and the most a school can do is give tools, methods, and environments in which children can improve their ability to think through and construct their own understanding. Education is a lifetime process that requires love and attention. For kids to succeed in life, it must be constructed on a solid and broad foundation.

Today’s society requires reasonable, critical thinkers with strong problem-solving, communication, and other soft-skills abilities.

After emphasising the importance of keeping pedagogical approaches up to date, let us not overlook the most crucial part of education: reforming society and advocating a new order. I feel that everyone would want to progress toward a value-based educational system. We need to keep our children away from today’s get-rich-quick-by-any-means mentality and instil a moral code that promotes prosperity with honour and prepare them to confront life as it comes.

Chairman - Mr. Bikramjit Singh Baath

From the desk of the Principal

We are dedicated to providing global citizens with the life skills they will need to meet the world’s ever changing challenges and requirements. 

We integrate the fundamentals of a traditional value based system with global trends and world-class infrastructure as part of a society that stands for educational leadership, academic excellence, and a progressive approach.

For us, education is a voyage of discovery, introspection, and interrogation a path filled with hope, possibility, and endless promises. We endeavour to make our kids eager to learn, have a positive attitude, and are ready to face all the challenges.

We provide a comprehensive academic curriculum that is supplemented by an experiential learning system that enables children to think logically, critically, and analytically. Our main goal is to reach out to each and every student at the school since each child is unique and valuable.

Principal- Ms. Divya Gautam