Beyond The Classroom


At Winford, workshops are the part of our curriculum for both teachers and students. Workshops help to give practical hand on experience and encourage students to explore present-day areas of interest. We introduce workshops at regular basis on various subjects like science, maths, technology, arts and much more.  Not just that, special workshops are held for teachers to make their teaching methods up to date with the 21st century skills.

Study Tours

Study tours are important for student’s exposure. Student learn more easily when they see things or places and explore by themselves.  Study tours are a part of Winford’s education system especially when it comes to social studies like History and Geography. Not just that, educational tours help students to understand and get a better grip on social, global and even local issues. It makes them more humane and help them develop a perspective towards their surroundings.


Co-curricular refers to various programs, activities and other learning experiences that accompany the academic curriculum. It makes learning fun. In today’s world bookish knowledge is not enough! Students need to be practical and learn other life values like time management, analytical skills,  self-motivation, confidence and much more. Winford offers students various type of facilities  like library, computer, music, literature, art and craft, athletics, tennis etc to help students grow.

Arts & Culture

Along with technology and advancemnet, at Winford World School, we also focus on Arts and Culture. Because India has been known for it’s arts and culture for ages. We want our students to have knowledge of different cultures people are residing all around the world. We want them to explore all kind of art and even choose this as their career path if they desire so. Because all kind of artists need a string foundation, which can help them grow and at Winford, we provide that.


Health and fitness play a major role in student’s life along with the academics. At Winford, we respect and value that. Academics is not only success, sports are also the future of our nation. And the best players exists among us. Here at Winford World School, we provide each child an opportunity to explore and lean on to their favourite sport. We have huge and lushy play area  for football, basketball, hockey, volleball along with various indoor games like table tennis, chess, etc.