Admission Open 2022-2023 – Winford World School, Batala

Planning about your child’s future? Well, it is important to have a strong foundation, after all, careers are built on that. And at Winford World School, we build that strong foundation.

Study shows that from birth to age 5, most of the child’s brain develops. And it is the fastest growth of the brain, that happens in a whole lifetime. Hence, the early years of childhood matter. And at Winford World School, we nurture and contribute to the holistic development of every child.

Winford World School believes that every child is a winner. Students compete to become the best version of themselves.  At Winford, it is not about reciting books. We want students to learn practically. Hence we focus on activity-based learning. We make concepts more real. Because we follow integrated learning as well. As it helps students to relate easily to their subjects through real-life experiences.

With ever-updating technology, we keep updating our teaching through smart classrooms. Not just that, we focus on developing every student’s 21st-century skills. Each student is different. Hence, each student deserves attention differently. Here at Winford, teachers provide differentiated instruction. We have a student-teacher ratio of 25:1 in every class. In this way, the teacher focuses on each student attentively. As we are building your child’s future and we don’t want to neglect her curiosity and doubts.

Along with academics, extracurricular like sports and arts go hand in hand. Because in today’s era, it is not just about academic education. We want every student to be open to every career opportunity available. Be it arts, culture, science or sports.

Talking further about sports, students are facilitated with big playgrounds with 10+ sports activities to enjoy. Not just that, At Winford, we focus on both indoor games like chess, ludo, carrom board, table tennis etc as well as outdoor games like football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and much more.

If you want your child to be a part of Winford World School, admissions for session 2022-23 are open. Enrol your child at Winford World School, Batala and let her open the door of tremendous opportunities.

Admissions open for Class Nursery – 7. Contact us at 98332-70000 or 98335-70000